Ms Word Content

    1. GUI components in word processing software

    2. Creating a new document - Page layout and page borders, Header, footer and page numbers,Typing text, formatting text

    3. Editing a document - Find and replace

    4. Inserting objects and usage of relevant editing tools- Pictures/charts/shapes/clip art /word art /text box etc.

    5. Inserting equations, symbols, links, breaks, date and time

    6. Short cut keys-open/new/save/select all/cut /copy/paste/undo/redo/print

    7. Creating and formatting tables - Methods of creating a table\

      1. Selecting rows and columns with mouse /

      2. insert table/draw table\Insert and delete rows and columns\

      3. Merge and split cells\Change row height/column width\

      4. Table borders\

      5. Styles

    8. Formatting paragraphs

    9. Saving documents in different formats

    10. Printing documents